The Designer

The artworks featured on this website are the brainchild of a single creator who employs a combination of AI and Photoshop to blend various styles and themes

Afro Futcha, (Diane Laidlaw) is also the mastermind behind the popular Get It Girl ADHD planner series, which she conceived after receiving her own diagnosis in 2020. Eager to expand her horizons, she turned her attention to the stationery and greeting card market, joining the ranks of other Black stationers who aim to infuse black culture into an industry that is sorely lacking in representation.

Afro Futcha creates her art without referencing other designers, relying instead on various styles and techniques to inspire her work. She diligently researches and explores each cultural reference to ensure that it is accurately represented in her artwork.

Once the artwork is complete, it is sent to a UK-based manufacturer who meticulously prints it on high-quality materials before dispatching it from their processing facility to customers worldwide. Should you wish to purchase pieces in bulk for resale, kindly get in touch with Afro Futcha at

Please note that all artworks are safeguarded by UK copyright law.